Discovery- Owls


Short Eared Owl


Snowy Owl

Today I got to see my first snowy owls and a short eared owl. They were at a local wildlife  reservation. I got very close to a snowy owl in an oak tree, probably 15 feet away, close enough to see its lime green eyes. The other snowy owl had golden eyes and was perched on a bird house a little farther away. Then my final owl I saw today was a rare short eared owl out hunting. I didn’t get any pictures but I spoke to several of the photographers there and they showed me some beautiful pictures they captured of the short eared owl. These pictures are from wikipedia.


09/18/13 – Discovery – Freshwater Jellyfish

This weekend when I was fishing I saw a minuscule, transparent jellyfish the size of a dime near the dock of the pond. I was so excited that I yelled out, “Mom, there’s a jellyfish in the water!!!” Of course, she didn’t believe, because it was in fresh water and everybody knows that jellyfish only live in the ocean- WRONG.  We tried to catch it but missed and mom was so shocked that I was was right. We went home and googled it and found out that there really are fresh water jellyfish and they’re called Craspedacusta sowerbyi.